Lunar Eclipse - Horse Feed of the Month, January 2013

01 January 2013
Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse is one of those feeds you may feel you donít need Ė your horse is not a loony mare perhaps! However, its charms are extensive and you never know when it will be really useful!

The hormonally challenged are prime candidates for this excellent balancer. I donít mean just those with girly hormones either! With the ground conditions being less than favourable at the moment, more horses donít have their usual access to turn out, so do not have as much opportunity to burn off surplus energy (and hormones!) in the field. A switch to Lunar Eclipse until turn out time might just make the difference between manageable and scary.

If you have a mare in foal, she will now or pretty soon, be coming in to the last three months of her gestation. This is the time when you may feel it is appropriate to avoid seaweed and feeds containing it, so Lunar Eclipse is the answer to the balancer query. The nutrients in it help to ensure a good supply of good quality milk for the foal and its protein levels help support the development of the foal in its last months of gestation. Mares at this time need a little more magnesium than usual and Lunar Eclipse has a top up of this important mineral, without so much as to affect calcium availability. Keep on this at least until the foal is one month old.

Horses that need Lunar Eclipse also thrive on Lucerne feeds such as Lucie®Nuts and for those needing lower calories, Lucie®Fibre Cubes. Early foaling mares (due before the spring grass comes through) will also enjoy Sun Dried Lucerne as part of their hay ration and Red Bag Grass Pellets.

Feed Lunar Eclipse at the rate of 40g per 100 kg of horse, i.e. 200g per day for a 500kg horse. It comes in 5 kg and 10 kg packs and is a light coloured, 26% protein meal. It is naturally very low in soluble carbohydrates. As with all our feeds, there are no fillers or binders Ė Lunar Eclipse is made entirely from functional ingredients.

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