Lee Frawley Blog 3: 100 DAYS - Countdown to WEG has begun

Blog 3: 100 DAYS - Countdown to WEG has begun

Posted by Lee Frawley on 15 May 2014

Today marks the '100 days till WEG' countdown - and things are really starting to move forward now on the administration and planning front. Booking forms have been completed and sent to reserve our accommodation and I have to think about organising transport and ferry crossings very soon too!  The organisers are requesting that where possible grooms live in their lorries so I will have to beg steal or borrow (or hire) a lorry that a friend who will be coming to groom for me can stay in reasonable comfort. Our fund raiser on the 30th May is specifically in aid of transport to Normandy for Rhapsody which now looks like it will be groom's accommodation as well!   We also need to decide on our 'team kit'  not to mention ordering more pins which are a traditional trading token at these big competitions.
The past month has seen us out competing at Patchetts and Hickstead twice and  in between Rhapsody has been training with Andrew for a week in Kent. Training has been going really well and Andrew has been thrilled with his continuing progress. The competitions have been a little mixed with a disappointing outing at Patchetts which I can only put down to rider's brain drain! Anxious to  put that behind us I was able to get a late entry the following week at Hickstead  with a good solid performance putting us back on track. Over Easter we mapped out the floor plan to our freestyle and videoed it so work can begin on putting together the music compilation. I have left dealing with the music a bit late in the past and am therefore conscious not to make the same mistake again this time - we need time to practice it!
Rhapsody is doing a lot of work now but looks and feels great. I continue to work on building up his fitness and have now increased his feeds to 4 a day. He has regular checks  by the chiropractor and I was very relieved when my saddler came and gave his saddle a clean bill of health.  With the weeks slipping by faster than I care for the  main aim - apart from the obvious -  will be keeping  Rhapsody's routine which I think is very important in the run up to a big competition. That means going out in the field for a bit when the weather permits, going on the horse walker when it doesn't, hacking up and down the hills and of course work in the school.

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