Charlie Avent Blog 2: Following the Hoofprints

Blog 2: Following the Hoofprints

Posted by Charlie Avent on 08 July 2014

Hello all Spirit and I have had a crazy couple of weeks!

 It's been lovely weather where we are here in sunny Gloucestershire and my book Following The Hoofprints is now available on Amazon with a lovely foreword from the horse whisperer Monty Roberts!

From unteachable child to student horse whisperer my book tells my full life story and explains autism from the inside.

Spirit and I are also about to be in our favourite magazine again because Horse Magazine want to run a second real-life feature on us catching up with the latest news and adventures including the wonderful support of Simple System Horse Feeds!

With my book already on Amazon and selling well I predict the future will only get more chaotic for Spirit and I!


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