Charlie Avent Blog 5: Why I love Simple System

Blog 5: Why I love Simple System

Posted by Charlie Avent on 21 November 2014

Hi everyone, it's been very wet and very muddy now in Gloucestershire.

Spirit and I are spending most of our time just trying to make it through each day and tolerate the mud and the cold.

My demos and talks with Spirit will now have to shut down until the spring time as taking her travelling in this weather doesn't seem fair.

When Simple System contacted me and told me they were happy to sponsor me and my work with Spirit I had actually been at the point of giving up my public speaking because sponsorship was a real struggle and we just didn't seem to be getting anywhere. Not only this but money was always extremely tight and this made it even more difficult to do anything with my dreams.

From day one Simple System have been inspirational, kind, thoughtful, helpful and generally fantastic! They have made me believe in both myself again and in the fact that people do care that I'm trying to help others with autism on a very limited budget and struggling.

I can pick up the phone and have managers from Simple System's team and specialist feed advisors on the phone within a matter of minutes to talk about any problems or ask advice.

Many feed companies are far too complicated in my opinion but Simple System are just what they say on the tin!

I am proud to say that they feature in my book Following The Hoofprints which has now sold over 400 copies raising money for autism charity The Autism Directory!


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