Charlie Avent Blog 8: Spring has sprung!

Blog 8: Spring has sprung!

Posted by Charlie Avent on 04 April 2015

Hi everyone, Spirit and I are enjoying the spring which seems to be springing around us and in this blog we will just say a few lines to update everyone on our progress.

The spring has barely begun and already we are being asked to do demonstrations in many different places for reasons of practicality we are having to slowly build up as neither Spirit nor myself are particular used to the brand-new horse trailer yet.

Thanks to the trailer which our fantastic sponsors at Simple System helped us to purchase Spirit and I are now able to once and for all sort out her worries about loading into the trailer and it won't cost us lots of money to keep hiring trailers for our autism awareness work in different parts of England. Spirit is in brilliant condition thanks to the Simple System horse feeds is and thanks to wonderful company Horseware Ireland Who very kindly donated turnout rugs a lovely jacket for me to wear and travel gear as well as a fly rug and fly mask to keep Spirit in top condition where ever we go and whatever we do!

I guess the best bit about my life is all the wonderful people that help me to have as close to a normal life as possible despite my obvious setback of having additional needs such as epilepsy and therefore my inability to drive a car.

We already have a demonstration booked in for June when Spirit will in fact to become eight years old and officially become a full adult horse! This particular demonstration is for our friends at equine therapy centre EquATA in Northamptonshire.

Registered charity The Autism Directory who support me are going to be helping me make some flyers and leaflets which will go on my trade stand at each event along with copies of my book Following The Hoofprints which is also available on Amazon and alongside Simple System leaflets.

This is a picture of Spirit and I posing with our new horse trailer which we have named Oscar after the horse who saved my life!

Thank you for continuing your support and following my story, Charlie.

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