Charlie Avent Blog 14: A challenging time

Blog 14: A challenging time

Posted by Charlie Avent on 25 January 2016

Hi everyone, Spirit and I are entering a challenging part of our time together because Spirit has been lame with an abscess in the foot, this is very normal especially with the awful weather we've been having but it's not much fun having to sort it out and it's certainly not much fun when you have to pay for vet bills!

Not only this, but at home I have been struggling with my support which I depend on as I have carers who help me with living as independently as possible in my house and of course due to the cutbacks things like this have been reduced drastically.

On the positive side story tonight I'm still strongly bonded and Spirit is definitely making a good recovery and I have recently been visiting and making some new friends at an organisation called Autism Angels Who are a charity with similar aims to my own. I'm hoping to do some work with them in the future to raise awareness of autism and to try to help to stop other people going through the horrible bullying and discrimination that I went through as a child.

I believe that Spirit's fast recovery is directly attributed not only to the great care of our barefoot trimmer Mell but also to her brilliant diet from Simple System Horse Feeds. She has never ever come out of a winter looking as good as she does now her coat is gleaming and she is the envy of the yard!

Recently I want local newspapers came to take pictures of us and have written an article about us so I insisted that we both wear our posh sponsored clothing so we could look nice and pose beside our new horse trailer.

Above is a photo taken by the Stroud News and Journal.


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