Returning to competition

05 March 2021

Has your horse's workload increased to prepare for a return to competition? Your horse may need additional nutritional support, especially at a time when we are still waiting for the spring grass to arrive and the cooler temperatures mean no grass growth.

Red Bag Grass Pellets are ideal to add to your horse's diet, even in small quantities. These high protein grass pellets provide all the benefits of spring grass, in a bag!

- High quality protein
- Ultra low starch
- Free from GM, molasses & preservatives

Being pure forage, energy is released a little more steadily than that from cereals, so horses should settle more quickly to their work and have more stamina. High protein forages such as this have been shown not only to fuel hard work but also to aid recovery after hard work by enhancing the replenishment of glycogen in the muscles.

Like all Simple System feeds, Red Bag Grass Pellets can be fed safely, and beneficially, around work. This makes them an ideal Target Feed for training sessions and competition days, providing a top up of additional slow-release energy exactly when it is required.

📸 Georgie Wood making use of natural facilities out hacking for 5th leg training with event horse Hudson. Photo by Jen DeBerigny.

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