Joint Eclipse - Horse Feed of the Month October 2012

05 October 2012

Autumn’s chilly grip means that for our senior horses, aching joints may start to get stiff. It might be the cold, the damp or being indoors and not moving around so much – whatever the reason, older horses may not be finding this month an easy one as they adjust to another winter coming. If you feel your horse needs a little extra support, it is well worth considering Joint Eclipse as an extra to the feed. We know it works because our trial horses did very well on it, but some independent research carried out from Warwick University is proving its effectiveness, too. Although we still do not have the final results, initial results show that the trial horses, (some of whom were quite, well, er, old!) developed a longer stride with a wider range of movement. Not only are the measurements looking good, but some of these horses even feel a lot better to ride.

Joint Eclipse is free from additives such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin. In line with our entire range, Joint Eclipse is genuinely vegan, as befits an obligate herbivore. The combination of linseed and rosehips, both well known for their benefits, gets going quickly to help keep horses supple and freer moving against the onslaught of time. Use it in addition to your usual balancer, such as Total Eclipse. You only need 20g per 100kg of horse, so a 500kg average riding horse needs just 100g per day. Tough cookies may need double this for a few weeks to get them going.

Joint Eclipse goes well with all our feeds, but the more mature horse will especially do well on the lucerne based feeds as they are high in nutrition, vitamins, minerals and trace elements but naturally very low in sugar so suitable for any with EMS, IR or Cushing’s. Lucie®Fibre Cubes are the lowest in calories then Lucie®Cobs, GreenGold® and Lucie®Brix and most nutritious, Lucie®Nuts and Lucie®Pellets. So now you know!

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