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Kirtle Poacher

Alison Allen

Poacher was bought as a poor 3yr old soon after he became ill with some sort of reactions/ spots we thought it was flies. After intensive treatment and investigation he was finally diagnosed with grass, tree, straw pollen allergies amongst other things by Susan Patterson at Liverpool Veterinary Hospital. Feeding and general care was intensive. His skin was hot enough to fry an egg on he itched but not like sweet itch. He had no discharges, but was really tired. He had to have a lot of steroids and antihistamine over the first year but not once did he have sore feet as laminitis was a big possibility. As he was unable to go out as he had become hyper sensitive to the flies. We had to cut out everything so turned to Simple Systems feed. Although he still was not cured he started to pick up, his coat, feet and general well being improved dramatically. Poacher still has medication in the form of immune de-sensitising jabs but he is the picture of health. Simple System is amazing he is so limited as to what he can eat, I am safe in the knowledge that he gets all his nutrition form their feed without the risk of making him very ill from something added to the feed. To look at him no one realises that he has any problems at all. He has only lost one showing class out of the four he has been to in good company!!! Even his white grey coat sparkles. I have recommended Simple System to many people and all have been very impressed with the results. I cannot speak highly enough of the feed help line team and the Simple System. As they say IT DOES WHAT IT SAYS ON THE BAG !! THANK YOU.