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Important Product Update | HayCare

We have recently transitioned from using 2023 harvested Timothy grass to 2024 harvested Timothy grass in the production of our HayCare pellets.
We have received feedback that some customers are finding the first of these new batches, SSB-20240516-001 and SSB-20240531-001, are taking longer the usual 15-30 minutes to soak. Recipients of this email communication have received stock from an affected batch.

Fibre or forage?

We all know horses are best served with a high fibre diet, but is all fibre the same?  You’ve guessed, it isn’t! 

Fibre is the structural part that holds plants together – its skeleton, if you will. The older the plant, the stronger its fibre needs to be, but the stronger it is, and as result, for the animals that eat it or try to, the less goodness can be extracted from it. 

10 years as Simple System brand ambassadors

We are celebrating a very special anniversary as today we mark 10 years of officially supporting Team Lamy Wright!

Here's a video from the archives, shot back in 2017. Martin Wright (with the help of Ehren and Janine), explains why the team switched their horses to a Simple System diet all those years ago. 

Brewers' Yeast for Horses

Yeast is an amazing feed for horses (and humans too!). This cream-coloured microscopic organism grows almost everywhere and is responsible for the bloom on fruit such as grapes and sloes in the hedgerows. It is used commercially to brew beer, ferment wine and in bread making.

When it comes to feeding horses, yeast is very nutritious as it is an excellent source of B group vitamins and high-quality protein as well as a range of trace elements.

The making of Meadow Forage Pellets

The story of Meadow Forage Pellets... At Simple System, we are constantly looking at what will further improve conditions for our horses whilst being very aware of environmental issues. For instance, we try as far as possible to reduce food miles by making the most of the skills and resources of our trusted UK growers. 

Meadow Forage Pellets - FAQs

We are excited to introduce our NEW Meadow Forage Pellets | A nutritious blend of easily digestible forages, grown together, to increase variety in the diet. 

Here are our most frequently asked questions about our unique new horse feed...

New feed coming soon...

A unique blend of easily digestible forages, grown together, to increase variety in the diet.

How to feed Simple System Lucie Chop

How to feed LucieChop - our uncoated 100% pure lucerne (alfalfa) chop, rich in protein and calcium.
LucieChop is suitable for...
  • Supporting muscles & bones
  • Feeding dampened
  • Improving stamina

Chops / chaffs for variety in the horses diet

Variety in the diet is important for horses - just as it is for humans! When choosing your chop / chaff, consider the whole of the diet. For example, if your horse has predominantly grass feeds, such as hay or soaked grass pellets, choose a lucerne chop for variety to support those good gut microbes.

Lucerne chops

At Simple System, we use the British term lucerne for this amazing forage others also use the American term, alfalfa. As our lucerne is entirely GM free and produced specifically for horses, we feel it has different properties from that grown in America.