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Join our Team Feed Line Advisor

17 July 2020

We are looking for someone who is passionate about forage feeding, with an interest in feeding horses as closely as possible to the way nature intended, to join our Feed Line team.

The role will involve advising horse owners on what products to feed from our range over the telephone and via email. When life gets back to normal again you will also be able to provide feeding advice at shows, yard visits and talks. Read more

New hay

17 July 2020

When old hay is running low, or is not very good quality, we will want to start on the new hay as soon as possible. But when can we start using new hay? Newly made hay continues to under-go changes even after it is baled. Traditionally, new hay was never fed to horses until Michaelmas at the end of September when it was termed old hay! In practice and under pressure of supplies, do not feed new hay until it has been baled at least 6 weeks and even then, keep a close eye out for any signs your horse is not happy with it. This could be loose droppings, bloated and gassy or even colicky. Not all horses are affected by new hay, but it is not worth risking a gassy colic. Read more

COMPETITION - 3 bags of Red Bag Grass Pellets to give away

09 July 2020

🌟 WIN 🌟 We are giving away 3 bags of Simple System Red Bag Grass Pellets to 3 different winners.

Red Bag Grass Pellets provide the benefits of which grass, all year round?
1) Spring
2) Summer
3) Winter

To enter:
1. Like Simple System Horse Feeds Facebook page.
2. Comment on the competition post answering the question.

Competition closes at midnight on Thursday 16th July 2020. Three winners will be picked at random. The winners will be contacted directly, if we have not received a response from the winner in 24 hours the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be chosen.

Good Luck! Read more

Coping with hot weather

25 June 2020

Sudden high temperatures do not allow the horses to adapt to the change and so they are more likely to suffer. Their temperature, breathing and heart rate go up, they may scour or look slightly colicky and will be disinclined to do very much and if asked to move, may look a bit wobbly. They may or not be sweaty. Some salient points for coping in this hot weather are:

Ensure the water supply is good, and fresh clean water is available at all times. Thirsty birds can commit suicide in field troughs which does not improve the water quality!

If you soak hay, limit this to a maximum of one hour immediately before feeding. The longer it is wet, the more acid producing bacteria proliferate.

Supplement grass with soaked bagged forages. Blue Bag Grass Pellets, LucieNuts and HayCare are all good as also is soaked PuraBeet. Soak times are less in very warm weather so do not soak for more than half a day and check that any moist feed is fresh. Read more

Back in stock - 2kg & 10kg Lucie Mints

15 June 2020

Our 2kg and 10kg bags of LucieMints are now back in stock and available to order via our website.

A combination of herbal peppermint & our best English lucerne make a healthy, appetising training aid.

Lucie Mints are suitable for all horses including those prone to laminitis and horses with ulcers. Read more

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