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Why soak feeds?

The natural diet of horses is grazing. Fresh forage is 70 – 80% water, so horses actually eat a lot of water. Even on very wet grazing, they still need to drink as well, as the food needs to be mixed with plenty of fluid to get through the small intestine’s 20 metres or so and numerous curves.

Protein in the equine diet

The most important nutrient of all is protein. Every cell in the body is made from protein. Horses’ requirement for protein varies depending on their age, reproductive status, age, work and condition.

Ragwort in horse pasture

Ragwort - a menacing paddock plant!
The dreaded ragwort is flowering now and is easy to spot. It is also starting to go to seed, so any not removed posthaste will spread through its wind-borne seeds.

FAQs about Sainfoin for horses

We've worked hard to ensure that sainfoin is available for horses since before the launch of Sainfoin Pellets in 2016. So, what is sainfoin, how can it benefit horses? 

Read answers to our most frequently asked questions or watch our video as Simple System Director of Nutrition, Jane van Lennep, tells us more.

We're Hiring | Delivery Driver

We are seeking a delivery driver on a permanent, full-time basis.

The Company | Established in 1996, Simple System Horse Feeds have gone against the grain in the equine feed market, creating an entire feeding system from the perspective of what is right for horses. We are a small, close-knit team and we pride ourselves on our customer service. We comply to stringent feed quality control via the NOPS scheme and are proud members of BETA, UFAS and are also Vegan registered.

Sainfoin, a sustainable crop?

As more farmers move toward more eco-friendly, regenerative and sustainable farming practices, the 'forgotten forage' that is sainfoin, is starting to see a resurgence. Here are just a few reasons why...

Hot weather tips for horses

The higher temperatures we are currently experiencing in the UK can cause havoc for some of our horses. Older horses, those that have underlying health conditions, heavier horses and those who have held coats can be particularly affected. 

Our top tips are...


Important Product Update | HayCare

We have recently transitioned from using 2023 harvested Timothy grass to 2024 harvested Timothy grass in the production of our HayCare pellets.
We have received feedback that some customers are finding the first of these new batches, SSB-20240516-001 and SSB-20240531-001, are taking longer the usual 15-30 minutes to soak. Recipients of this email communication have received stock from an affected batch.

Fibre or forage?

We all know horses are best served with a high fibre diet, but is all fibre the same?  You’ve guessed, it isn’t! 

Fibre is the structural part that holds plants together – its skeleton, if you will. The older the plant, the stronger its fibre needs to be, but the stronger it is, and as result, for the animals that eat it or try to, the less goodness can be extracted from it. 

10 years as Simple System brand ambassadors

We are celebrating a very special anniversary as today we mark 10 years of officially supporting Team Lamy Wright!

Here's a video from the archives, shot back in 2017. Martin Wright (with the help of Ehren and Janine), explains why the team switched their horses to a Simple System diet all those years ago.