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Georgie Wood Blog 40: it has been a while!

20 August 2018

So I realise it has been rather a long time since I last sat down and wrote a blog. I could make excuses about being busy and having too many horses to ride, but in reality I have just prioritised other things - sorry! Although I have tried to keep everyone much more up to date with regular posts on my Facebook Page.

Despite the weather putting a downer on most of our eventing plans this season, the runs we have had have been pretty good with 5 double clear and 5 top three placings on three different horses. Coco has had a 2nd in the IN at his only run this season. Hudson has jumped three double clears picking up 3 third places and I stole my cousins pony for a run whilst she was doing GCSE's and picked up a double clear and 2nd place on her. Read more

Janine Lamy Blog 32: Back in the room

01 August 2018

So with the horses all in sick-bay I found some Lamy-time and took myself to the doctor about a few minor niggles. Tests showed that I was deficient in Vitamin B12. No biggie but a couple of weeks of injections and I feel like a completely different person. This is no exaggeration, in comparison I feel like Tigger! I knew I was tired, but we all work hard long hours and there’s always someone driving themselves harder than you. I realise now in hindsight there was also a heavy fog in my head. I have just gone back to my holiday emails to see what I booked – seriously! I had no idea that I was unwell until I was better. So just to warn you all – I’m back in the room!!!! Read more

Congratulations Ashleigh Hill

20 July 2018

Congratulations to Ashleigh Hill Dressage who won the Novice Hickstead Regional on her first homebred mare, six-year-old Floriek. A fantastic achievement and a fabulous write up in Horse & Hound. Ashleigh also took 5th place at the Regionals on her mare, Ruby.

Ashleigh Hill runs a livery yard and stud in Kent, and all of her horses are on Simple System. Ashleigh credits the feed and noticed a dramatic change in rideability, temperament and performance after she started feeding the horses Simple System. Read more

Itchy horse?

20 June 2018

Itchiness is often due to allergy or at least sensitivity and the diet is the main culprit, but not always the only one. Other causes include insects and midges, which may be particularly attracted by raised blood sugar levels. Reducing soluble carbohydrates is beneficial as is feeding linseed. Contact with irritants should also be considered - bedding may be irritating the skin, or rugs, numnahs etc. may have been washed using detergents, especially with enzymes, or fabric conditioner. Read more

Janine Lamy Blog 31: New kid on the block

11 June 2018

OK so when I said in my last blog that ‘it never rains but it pours’ I may have had some weird sixth sense. I mentioned that Millie had banged her leg in the field, well after a couple of weeks there was a very slight lump about the size of my thumb on the inside of her leg. Unfortunately scans showed slight damage to the digital flexor tendon and check ligament so young Millipede has been off games for a while. We’ve since had the go ahead to start working her and we have another scan planned for mid July to check on progress. Read more

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