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*WIN* A 10kg bag of MetaSlim

20 March 2019

🌟 WIN 🌟 a 10kg bag of MetaSlim by answering the question below.

MetaSlim is specially formulated for horses and ponies prone to what?
1) Laminitis
2) Getting muddy
3) Losing a shoe

To enter:
1. Like Simple System Horse Feeds Facebook page.
2. Comment on the competition post answering the question.

Competition closes at midnight on Wednesday 3rd April 2019. One winner will be picked at random. Good luck! Read more

Janine Lamy Blog 35: Dressage Dinosaur

19 March 2019

We’ve been really busy with SJ clinics and another super day Arena Eventing schooling at Pyecombe. We’ve also had three pre-season XC schools at LMEQ, Munstead and Tweseldown. Millie’s event season starts on Saturday and she is quite beside herself!

Rodney has come back into work and has had his first outing to the Four Elms SJ clinic. He was very well behaved. He is a very different kettle of fish to his little sister. He is mostly really laid back but gets himself into quite a pickle if he doesn’t understand something. The young lad also has a bit of a temper when he thinks he’s being hard done by. The funniest thing has been with our new arena mirrors. He is completely obsessed with the handsome bay dude! Read more

Spring is on the way! Spruce up your pasture…

12 March 2019

Before the grass starts growing too vigorously, it is a good time to reseed patches in your pasture that have been denuded over winter. A little extra grass seed spread in early spring can make a big difference to your grazing. There is not often any need to plough up and reseed from scratch – it is expensive, time consuming and can take even years to establish a strong turf. Paddocks in need of a spruce up should be grazed down then harrowed to loosen the surface and iron out lumps or bumps. New seed can then be broadcast by hand, or drilled very shallow. Then, ideally, roll to establish good contact with the soil. Keep the horses off it for at least 6 weeks, until there is good growth. March and April are good months to do this but by May and June, weeds and other grasses will be growing so vigorously as to shade out new growth. If you miss the spring time to reseed, there is another window in August and September, but avoid periods of dry weather. Read more

How does your grass grow?

01 February 2019

Grass grows at different rates through the year, depending on temperature, moisture and soil nutrients. When all else is equal, we see a peak in grass growth in June (long days, plenty of sun, moisture still in the ground from the spring rain), a dip in August and another slight rise in September with autumn rain, then it is downhill all the way! Grass cannot grow at all when the soil temperature is below 6 deg. C. Read more

Vitamin D in winter

10 January 2019

I don’t think our horses enjoy winter any more than we do but fortunately they are much better equipped to cope with whatever nature chucks at us.

Horses make their own Vitamin D from exposure to sunlight – not at a premium this time of year! Fortunately hay, dried in the sun, is a good source, as also is lucerne and surprisingly, fallen leaves. But there is nothing to beat a top up of the rays when they are available, so on those rare sunny days, uncover your horse and let her soak up the sunshine – and its vitamin D. Read more

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