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Janine Lamy Blog 34: Dumdedumdewhoops

04 December 2018

Oh dear, banana skin alert. Just as we were basking in the glory of having all the horses home and back in work Martin had a bit of a whoopsie with Rodders. Eight fractured ribs and a punctured lung, and we were only in walk! Out for a quiet hack in the field and the big lad was spooking at the cars on the road. No biggie but being a dufus he then fell over on a bank, Martin tried to hold onto him and bang. A neat soup-bowl shaped section of ribs moving and a rather disconcerting bubbling feeling. An ambulance, chest specialist, helicopter (unused), few days in hospital and short period of box rest later we are back in business. I always say itís just as well you have no idea whatís heading your way when you wake up in the morning. Martin was very lucky. Read more

Tips for managing your horse on Fireworks Night

24 October 2018

Fireworks can be a very stressful experience for horses. As Bonfire Night approaches, you can plan and take precautions to minimise the impact on your horse.

- Find out what firework displays are on in your area. If there are demonstrations close to your horses, contact the organisers and explain the situation. There may be measures they can take such as moving the display to the far end of the site. Find out what the timings are so you can manage your horse appropriately.

- Try to keep your horse in his or her normal routine. If you plan to change the routine for Bonfire Night, start doing it as early as possible so your horse gets used to the new routine. Read more

What is the best oil to feed?

16 October 2018

Oils have many uses: many body systems are reliant on them and they are an essential component of cell membranes. Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluble and rely on oils for their transportation. Fats and oils provide over twice the energy, or calories, as soluble carbohydrate (sugar and starch) but they vary in their composition. Some fatty acids, such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 are essential to the horseís daily diet as it cannot make enough of them itself. Read more

Janine Lamy Blog 33: dumdedumdedum

11 October 2018

Well I canít tell you how nice it is to have everyone home where they belong, and especially good to be riding my girls again. The cheeky little Bomber is home looking like she made full use of the all inclusive buffet on her year out. Next door is her bestie; a pregnant Ehren (yahoo!). She has been scanned in foal to Furst Toto (Furstenball / Totilas / Londonderry) and has also had the all clear to return to work as her suspensory has healed. She wonít be doing much, and certainly nothing stressful, but some gentle work to keep her moving and help strengthen her leg properly until she tells me that sheís had enough. Saying that she came back into the school like something from a wild west movie. Serious brave pants were required and a leap of faith to actually get onboard! Read more

*WIN* Tickets AND Hotel Stay for Your Horse Live 2018!

08 October 2018

We have a pair of tickets for Your Horse Live 2018 AND a weekend hotel stay to giveaway to one lucky winner. The tickets are two standard adult day tickets valid for Friday and Saturday of the event on 9th - 10th November 2018. The hotel is a double room at the Village Hotel Coventry for Thursday - Saturday night. Read more

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