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Feeding Questions Answered

Why does my horse need a low starch diet?

Carbohydrates such as starch are often used to provide glycogen, or energy, for the muscles. However, the horse evolved to source its energy from forages that are naturally very low in starch. High starch diets can upset the sensitive digestive tract.

Why aren't there any vitamins and minerals listed on your feed bags?

When you look on ingredients labels, there is often an impressive list of added vitamins and minerals. You will not see this on Simple System feeds because we do not add any and do not need to! Forages can naturally supply all that our horses need.

My horse is prone to tying up and I have been told to give them a high oil diet. What else can I do to support them?

When horses are prone to tying up, it is important to keep their metabolism off the anaerobic, glucose pathway as this results in the formation of lactic acid, too much of which will trigger a tying up episode.

My horse has liver damage. How should I feed them?

The liver is the power house of the body carrying out a lot of essential roles in metabolism, detoxification and energy production. Reducing the amount of work a damaged liver has to do gives your horse the best chance of survival and recovery.

How can I best manage my young horse to ensure they have the healthiest joints?

Early feeding and management can have long lasting impact on the health, soundness and longevity of our horses. Choosing high quality forages ensures they reach their full potential, without risking damage to their immature joints.