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What makes Simple System special?

Our forage crops are grown specifically for our horse feeds, meeting strict nutritional profiles for each product. With natural forage feeds the hard work is done in the field, monitoring growth and selecting the optimum time to harvest to achieve the ideal analysis.

Species Appropriate

Our feeding system was created to make it simple for you to offer your horse the diet it needs to thrive. Formulating feeds that cater to the horse's unique digestive system is at the very heart of our philosophy. We demonstrate our commitment to the horse's natural, plant based, diet by registering our entire range of feeds with the Vegan Society.

We offer a broad spectrum of forage feeds, covering a variety of plant sources, product formats and energy levels. With this we can provide a suitable diet to support all horses, from happy hackers to high level competition horses.

Product Quality

We are committed to producing the highest quality feeds for you and your horse. When you buy a Simple System product you can be sure it is made from quality ingredients, manufactured to a strict code of feed safety and complying with the highest industry standards.

Our accreditation to the BETA NOPS scheme assures you that every step of our supply chain has been risk assessed and all products are fully traceable from field to bag. Compliance with the NOPS Code offers peace of mind that we have done our due diligence in minimising the risk of contamination with NOPS (Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances).

GM Free and Organic

All Simple System products are free from genetically modified ingredients and use minimal inputs. With our organic range we go one step further - these products are certified organic by the Soil Association. Organic feeds mean lower levels of pesticides, no herbicides or artificial fertilisers and more environmentally sustainable management of the land and natural environment.

Trusted Growers

Feed miles are important to us. We carefully select suppliers offering the best quality ingredients, as locally as possible. We work closely with our trusted growers, taking advantage of the latest developments in farming and equipment, to improve our products season by season. Thought and care is taken every step of the way from seed, to harvest, to bag.

Free From

You will not find bulkers and fillers in our feeds, only functional ingredients we are proud to display. Full ingredients lists can be found on our feed bags, website and product literature. Our range of feeds is designed to meet the specific needs of the horse's unique digestive system. As such, the entire range is free from cereals, pulses, molasses, additives and preservatives.

If your horse suffers from allergies, please inform our Feed Line experts who will be happy to suggest a diet to suit.

Environmental Commitment

We have a strong commitment to protecting the environment that provides us with our feed ingredients. Wherever possible, we actively work to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the world around us. We strive to be sustainable and ethical in the sourcing of all our ingredients and packaging. Our office, production facility and warehouse are all powered by green energy from an anaerobic digester (AD plant).

Convenient Delivery

We offer a convenient delivery service, direct to your home or yard, via our own fleet of vans and a nationwide courier service. Our friendly drivers are used to delivering to rural properties and will even stack your order in your feed room if required.

Equine Knowledge

Our Feed Line nutrition experts are all horse owners, with a practical understanding of the challenges facing the modern owner and the crucial role feeding can play. Our knowledge base and feeding system is always evolving, working with equine vets, attending technical conferences and applying the latest industry research.