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Customer Testimonials

We are delighted to have helped so many horse owners. The origins of Simple System lie in a passion for horses and a desire to provide them with the best possible diet for health and performance. Read our customer testimonials and their stories of success below.


14 year old, Irish Cob, Sally, was overweight and contracted mild laminitis in February.

We started her on Simple System MetaSlim, as well as the Sainfoin Fibre Pellets twice a day. The amount of weight she has lost is unbelievable! She is feeling a lot better too! Would definitely recommend!


We switched Zippy onto Simple System Horse Feeds as we were struggling with persistent fat pads, rocketing insulin levels and her being stiff and footy. We took advice from the Feed Line (who are always extremely helpful!) and switched her over to MetaSlim and Sainfoin Fibre Pellets.


Molly has been fed on MalleMash since November. The feed is suiting her really well, she is the fittest she’s ever been and she absolutely loves her MalleMash! She also adores the Lucie Mints sprinkled on top of her feed, or in her treatball, as an occasional treat.


My mare Blaze has been fed on Simple Systems for the last few years and the change in her behaviour is fantastic! She's gone from being a very opinionated mare to a calm, obedient and trustworthy one - but still with a bit of spice.


She’s been on MetaSlim for nearly two years now and the results have been fantastic. She has lost a lot of weight and I find it much easier to keep the weight off. She feels a lot more supple in her neck and across her back too. I wouldn’t change from MetaSlim now. It’s so easy to order and it arrives so quickly.


We have been using Simple System Horse Feeds for as long as I can remember, some 15-20 years. I have been delighted to experiment with feeding advice from the company. 

I recently added the new Veteran Balance + and had to reduce the amount because our stiff, coughing, twenty one year old retired dressage horse, Woody, started behaving like a supple four year old fool! It's amazing!

Mr Quinn

I called Simple System Horse Feeds at the beginning of the season for some advice on a flagging pony. It didn’t seem to matter how fit Quinn was; he would lose his spice after one class or one phase.

They advised to Target Feed, so now he gets an energy boost right before each phase. What a difference it has made!

I wouldn’t be shy about calling them again in the future for any further feeding advice!


I bought Kaishan as a 4 year old and never found if difficult to keep weight on him. If anything it was something to watch - especially when he was diagnosed with PPID / Cushing's disease when he was 15.


Since feeding Simple System Horse Feeds I have not struggled to keep Ami looking and feeling good throughout the winter, without her getting too spicy or sensitive. I now won't feed anything else!

Ami is fed Lucie Nuts, Blue Bag Grass Pellets and Build & Shine.

Ritter Sport aka Remy

I've owned Remy for 11yrs years and have always fed him Simple System Horse Feeds. We've successfully worked our way up through the levels from Prelim to Medium and have just started competing at Advanced Medium.

He has always been barefoot & has received many compliments over the years for his good feet & shiny coat  - all thanks to Simple Systems feeds & balancers.


Billy was struggling to hold weight and lacked shine in his coat, I was feeding supplements to boost his coat and skin condition. I switched to Simple System in March 2023, ever since he has been more settled, holding weight and his coat looks amazing. No supplements needed.


I'm really impressed with Veteran Balance +, not only does the spearmint smell delicious, but Tally loves it!

I am cautious with what I feed my horses, especially the older ones, and as Tally is coming into her older years (don't tell her I said that!). I want to make sure I can keep her at her best. She loves a job, and she enjoys her work, so I need something for her that keeps her feeling well, helps her joints but also doesn't impact on her weight as she is a good doer.

Veteran Balance + has ticked all the boxes for me, and for Tally. Full of natural goodness which has been carefully put together. This shows through Tallys skin and coat.


Zara is 33 years old she has been on Veteran Balance + for over a month. She loves her feeds now and finishes every bucket. She seems to have more of a spring in her step and has a brighter coat.  She is more covered and is looking a nice weight for her age. Her droppings also look healthier.

She’s happy, so I’m happy! I highly recommend Veteran Balance + for your golden oldie 🧡

Kazmick Lady Andorra

I was lucky enough to trial the Calm Balance + for my filly Ola, she loved it and we were amazed at how easy it was to feed.

Having bred Ola, we were shocked at how sharp and spooky she was. After about two weeks of feeding Calm Balance + we started to notice little differences in Ola, the first being less spooky, she also seemed to be more responsive to us touching her and grooming her. 


Pride gets a bit stiff in the winter, feeding the Veteran Balance + helped her feel a bit more loose and free in her way of moving, allowing her to be happier and more forwards in her work.

Showjumping is demanding on the joints and feeding Veteran Balance + definitely gave her the nutrients she needs to perform to her best!


Deli has been trialling Veteran Balance +. We’ve just finished our month and wanted to share our story.

Having Cushing's disease (PPID), Deli needed a low sugar and starch feed.  She has to have soaked feeds and Veteran Balance + was just perfect for her, quick-soaking in warm water and very palatable. Deli licked the bowl clean every feed!


I’m proud to say that Simple System have been part of our team for over 20 years, in our quest to provide our horses with the most natural life we can.

Jasper and Sweep were no doubt, the beginning of our natural journey, bare foot, no rugs, bitless, freedom of movement and making our own hay. Over the years Simple System has always been there when we needed feeding advice for individual horses and also helping us to manage our land with Natural Grazing Mix and Equine Calcified Plus (now Natural Paddock Recovery).

Heald Town Highland Pony Stud

We are very keen to promote natural feeding of our native Highlands as they are not built to cope with rich higher sugar diets that you see in many other feeds. We also needed a straightforward and economical diet that could be used for our mares, stallions, foals and youngstock that would promote muscle development and bone growth without adding excess fat or fizz. With Simple System we have found exactly that.

Pulpits Farm

Pulpits Farm have been loyal customers of Simple System for over 20 years.

We have been thoroughly pleased with the products & service offered to us over the years  and have found Simple System Horse Feeds to be perfect for the wide range of different breeds we have here; including Arabs, Thoroughbreds, Highlands and other Native breeds (many of whom live out 24/7).

Church Farm

The benefits were seen in every horse on the yard from retired older horses to fit competition horses. Now, some ten years on we are known locally for even the poorest looking horse looking better for being with us, often showing improvements in coat and foot quality and also often temperament with owners commenting on how “chilled” their horse has become.

We are absolutely convinced that the forage-based diet we offer, along with the SimplyComplete that all horses are given is the reason the horses all look so well.