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The Simple System Ltd Gallery contains pictures and stories from our customers, detailing success with the feeds and their horses. Our ever expanding gallery is proving to be very useful not only as a way of allowing our customers to share what successes they have been having but also to show the wide variety of breeds/types/issues the Simple System Ltd feeds can address.

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Slippered Lady (Della)

Bought as a four year old for my daughter, this little lady has been the best ever. Lots of consistent wins with school shows, then onto unaffiliated shows and then affiliated. She has been on a Simple System diet for most of her life. This pic was taken last summer and she will be 31 years old next month. This winter I felt she needed a bit of extra goodness so put her on Top Gain. Really helped to keep her weight on through this awful winter. Retired now, but not before she taught my grandchildren a few basics. Read more

Toberpatrick Bono

Bono is my 12yr old daughters competition pony. He is a 14.2 Irish Sports Pony. He is now 9 years old and bought him 2 years a go. Initially he was a very fussy eater. Absolute nightmare! I struggled to keep his condition and spending a small fortune on various different feeds. I suspected he might be slightly Ulcery. Using Simple System has settled him and he now loves his feed. It took time. It wasn’t an overnight success. I gradually built up the amount over a month. The feed and supplements really helped his digestive system. Getting Bono to eat was so important as he is being competed intensively. I needed the stamina and focus so Charlotte was able ride him at an optimum level for One Day Events, Show Jumping, Arena Eventing, Hunter Trails and Dressage. They are having so much fun and s... Read more


My Horse had chronic laminitis and I looked at what was in all the feeds that I was giving him to reduce the sugar and starch. Simple System's feed is grain free, low sugar and highly nutritious and my horse really loves it - he has kept his condition even after six weeks on box rest. Using the Lucie Mints and JustaMint I can give him plenty of safe treats to keep him happy. He also had very bad digestive issues which are now resolved since changing feeds and wet hay no longer upsets his tummy. I am so happy to have found Simple System and would recommend them to anyone. Read more

Codie and Rosie

I started feeding simple systems food to my elderly ponies - Codie (grey) -25 and Rosie(palomino)- 35 last winter. Since then, they have done incredibly well and look amazing, the best they have looked in a long time. Codie suffers from laminitis and we have previously struggled to find a feed that has no sugar in it, until now! She is also fed Metaslim, which has helped so much with the laminitis. Both girls have teeth issues, so can no longer eat hay. We tried them on Haycare and have never looked back. They both eat all their feed and lick the bowls out afterwards. I can't recommend this feeding system highly enough. Read more


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