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The Simple System Ltd Gallery contains pictures and stories from our customers, detailing success with the feeds and their horses. Our ever expanding gallery is proving to be very useful not only as a way of allowing our customers to share what successes they have been having but also to show the wide variety of breeds/types/issues the Simple System Ltd feeds can address.

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I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all of the help and advice we have received when changing our horses feed to Simple System. I have a 16.2h Thoroughbred mare eventer who is very lively and is scared of her own shadow. Before I changed her feeds she was a very spooky, stressed mare that would jump at her own shadow, which made it very difficult in the dressage arena. I also couldn’t use my legs on her as every time I did she would shoot forward and panic and getting on her was always a bit unpredictable. As you can imagine I was starting to get very nervous prior to the dressage test and it felt like I would be constantly walking on egg shells around her in the warm up. I was recommended Simple System by a friend and thought it would be worth a go, I must add I was a bit sceptical a... Read more

Via Francigena - 49 days & 2,300km

I used SimplyComplete on my last pilgrimage and found it to be easy to use and an ideal choice of food for a long distance journey. When I had decided to embark on the Via Francigena the natural choice was Simple System - I had been using Simple System since my return from the St. James Pilgrimage in 2007.

The Via Francigena (‘the way through France’) is a pilgrimage to Rome. I chose to do the pilgrimage with my 3 ponies, Pebbles an Appaloosa, Samson a reg. Welsh C and Captain Jack Sparrow a Gypsy Cob. The pilgrimage is to raise funds to support and care for family/friends who become carers for those with Dementia. One of the biggest misunderstandings with dementia care is assuming that everyone will experience the same things in the same way. Dementia is unique to the individual an... Read more

Sherry and Dexter

I am delighted to let you all know that Dexter was born on 6th July and both him and mum Sherry are doing great. He is very cheeky and very lively but lovely. I cant thank you and your team at Simple System for all the help and advise that I have been given over the 11 months that Sherry was carrying Dexter and for the advise afterwards. I will amend her feeding accordingly and keep you updated on their progress as Dexter will be going onto Simple System from the start of his little life. Thanks again Read more


I wanted to share my success story after starting to use Simple System feeds. I bought Jake late last year when he was just broken and only 4years old. At that stage I fed him Cool Mix and Chaff and the picture of me in the purple coat on Jake was a couple of months ago. I then heard of Simple System and got in touch with William McCoosh. My initial plans were just to hack about on Jake but because he proved to be such a good horse, I decided to start showing him. In order to help build him up and help his coat Jim recommended I feed Jake Red Bag Grass Pellets, TopNosh, GreenGold and Instant Linseed and within a couple of months of feeding this to Jake the transformation is unbelievable! Jake's coat is shining and his condition is amazing as seen in the pic of him tied up and me at a show ... Read more

7 Year Old Dutch Warmblood Brood Mare

I contacted you a few weeks ago about my mare who was coming home from being at livery. I knew she had lost condition through the winter (as that's what I'd been told by the yard owner) but wasn't expecting her to arrive home 130kg under weight! I've had her on Simple System feed for the last 3 1/2 weeks and you can see the difference it's made. Last week I actually cut theTopNosh back to 600g per day so the weight now goes on slower. I think you'll agree though that she is almost a different horse to the one I had arrive home a few weeks back. Thanks for all your help! Read more

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