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Harry and Billy

Michaela Waddin

Harry is rising 22 years old 15hh Arab who was born on my 30th birthday and I have had since he was 20 minutes old
He has recently had soft tissue damage behind the navicular in his off fore now slowly coming back into work.
Billy is rising 6 years old 14.1hh Welsh D who I have had since he was 5 months old, both horses have been a pleasure and an honour to have know.
Approx 2 months back I swapped onto Simple Feeds to try and help provide them with the best feed I can.

Billy is and always has been barefoot and Harry has the recent injury and after a lot of research I decided to put them on Simple Systems
The farrier is amazed with the change in their hooves in such a short time and even in this hard dry weather their hooves are solid and without cracks - brilliant and the only change i have made is moving onto Simple Systems
Harry is barefoot at the back and hopefully if he continues his recovery so well will transition the fronts to barefoot with the help of your feed.
They also both shine like polished conkers.
They are both fed Timothy chop and Lucie pellets, and Billy has red bag when he is working to help with his stamina and so far so good.
Great feed, great quality and good price. I love how you can ring up with the batch number before you buy to find out the sugar content etc.
Brilliant keep up the good work