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Gucci (Rumworth's High Society)

Sue Saward

I bought my mare Gucci in Autumn of 2009. She is a little 15.1hh ex-show horse who has done quite well for herself in the past. When I started riding her at home, she was impossible to handle and nearly had me off every time I got on! When I spoke to her old owner and told her that she was so bad I wanted to return her, she told me that it was because I didn't have her on Simple System feed. I switched to the new feed and it was an overnight transformation into a lovely quiet, rideable horse! Apparantly, she has an intolerance to cereals and Simple System is the only feed that she can tolerate well and she does so very well! We earned more than 100 dressage points in our first year out together! We even went to the regionals and area festival our first season out. We are now on the long list for the regional teams and I'm looking forward to competing more with my little dressage machine!