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Since starting my daughters very sharp lead rein pony on your food she has been able to ride this pony off the lead rein and they have just won their first Pony Club dressage test (72%). This is on a pony that I had wrote off as being too much for my 7yr old to ever ride on her own and I really do think a lot of her calmer nature is the food she is being fed on - she used to be fed on an Antilam feed and just chop with a calmer but even this had her being a pony who was very sharp and spooky until now. I also tried adding some a Cool and Condition chop into the food but she started to be a handful again so stopped that and now she is back to being a more ridable pony (dont think she ever will stop being spooky but it is a lot less ). I am feeding her the Lucie Nuts and the Lunar Eclispe powder.  So thankyou for making a food that seems to help.  Also as a grey its hard without sprays to have her shine but her coat is lovely and shiny and as 7 yr old grooms her I dont think its elbow grease !!!!! We also so ride western and recently we were at a large western show and my little girl asked to be taken off the lead rein and competed on the pony with all the big quarter horses she did very well aswell !!! xx

A blend developed for moody mares, stressed & temperamental equines.

Lunar Eclipse - Calming Feed Balancer for Horses
  • Excellent levels of Omega 3
  • Balanced formula without seaweed
  • Rich in vitamin B & magnesium

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Premium 12mm lucerne nuts, naturally high in calcium & protein to support muscles & bones.

  • Our most popular feed
  • Economical
  • Ideal for older horses

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