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Struggling with winter grazing?

10 January 2017

My old Mum always said that January was the longest month in the year as it starts on Boxing Day! Certainly it is the most tedious month as the weather is awful and the days so short. Your horses may well be feeling as hacked off as you are, as their grazing will be so limited – either because they cannot go out at all or if they do go out, all the grass has been eaten. Make them happy with a MeadowBrix! These wonderful creatures are 1 kg compressed blocks of 100% pure Timothy grass which are given whole and dry to horses with sound dentition. They will love gnawing on these, mimicking grazing and providing Environmental Enrichment to boot. They will form part of your horse’s overall forage ration and can be fed as generously as you like. For more details and to order a bag of MeadowBrix, click here.

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