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Preparing for Pony Club camp?

28 July 2023

Ponies often work harder than usual at camp and so their feeding requirements will increase. Target Feeding is ideal. A Target Feed is given directly before work to provide energy and stamina for the work. This can be made up of your pony's normal feed, or if your pony needs additional energy Blue Bag Grass Pellets are ideal.

Horses and ponies are also likely to perform (and behave!) better when not allowed to go hungry. Target Feeding will make the pony more comfortable in the stomach during work as it prevents acid splash. Remember with Simple System feeds, it is safe to increase the amounts you are feeding and there is no limit to meal size. This is becaour feeds are based on forages. Forage feeds are fermented in the hind gut, just like grass and hay, which means you do not need to withhold food around work. Forage feeds can also be offered directly after work, even if your pony is hot. Providing a soaked feed will offer hydration as well as nourishment, ideal on hot camp days. Keep your pony topped up with feeds throughout the day to keep them healthy and happy.

For individual feeding advice for your pony, or for advice on what Simple System feeds are best for your pony, please contact our Feed Line on 01728 604 008 or fill out our online form.

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