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How much linseed is safe to feed my horse?

30 October 2023

"How much linseed can I feed?" is a question we are often asked. Start with 20g per 100kg of the horse's ideal weight, for example 100g for a 500kg horse. If needed you can increase up to five times this amount. Build up gradually, taking up to 4 weeks to increase to this level.

Instant Linseed is nature's finest source of plant derived, essential omega 3. It is high quality with 42% oil compared with 38% in other sources of linseed. It is always a great addition to the feed, but especially with hay or haylage, as omega 3 is lost in these. During the autumn moult, additional Instant Linseed aids and hastens moulting, ensuring a healthy, shiny coat. As a natural anti-inflammatory, it is helpful in any inflammatory condition. Linseed contains soluble fibre, which helps lift sand from the large intestine, soothes the gut lining and aids the passage of food. Its protein helps build muscle. Minerals include copper, zinc and magnesium. In small amounts it does not affect weight but larger amounts aid condition in poor doers. It is the perfect complement to forage based diets.

For more information contact our Feed Line on 01728 604 008 or info@simplesystem.co.uk or complete our online enquiry form here.


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