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is lucerne / alfalfa good for horses with ulcers

Is lucerne / alfalfa good for horses with ulcers?

23 April 2024

Lucerne (known as alfalfa in America) is an amazing forage, known in different languages as ‘Prince of Feeds’ and ‘Best of the Best’. Lucerne has been grown for horses for around 5,000 years so has stood the test of time. It works really well for horses with ulcers for many reasons...

  • It has better levels of calcium than any other forage, which helps protect against acid.
  • Its proteins, which continue into the hindgut, effectively help buffer acid throughout the gut.
  • Its natural gums help soothe the gut lining.
  • Lucerne grown specifically for horses in the UK and Europe, is naturally low in sugar and starch.
  • Its fibre supports gut microbes as it is easily fermented by them.

Soaked lucerne pellets, like Lucie Nuts and Organic Lucie Pellets, are soft and easily digested.

Lucerne chops / chaffs, such as LucieChop or Build & Shine, encourage chewing and additional saliva generation. Saliva actively neutralises acid, so anything to increase chewing is beneficial, provided the horse has good dentition.

To discuss feeding your ulcer prone horse please contact our Feed Line on 01728 604 008. Alternatively, complete our online advice request form here.

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