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Simple System Ltd was founded by Jane van Lennep and Tim and Sue Warren in 1996. It is based on a system of feeding Jane has been developing since 1973. The company stands by its principle of Simple Equine Nutrition – Responsible Equine Management. We aim to help you work with your horse’s unique digestive system. We believe in feeding horses on good quality forages, such as dried lucerne and flash dried grass, thus providing the nutritional benefits of spring and summer grazing, all year. Locally produced and milled linseed in appropriate complementary feeds enables us to meet the additional requirements of work and performance. Switching to grain in the winter or for work is inappropriate for the horse as it produces so little amylase, the enzyme which digests starch. We cannot give our horses endless plains to roam, but we can help in a small way by feeding them the forages they are so well designed to eat. In return, they are better nourished, more settled and healthier.

In 2005 Simple System Ltd was able to demonstrate its commitment to the horse as an obligate herbivore by gaining registration for the entire range of feeds with the Vegan Society. To date it is still the only horse feed company to be registered with the Vegan Society.

Horses evolved on the mainly treeless plains of central Eurasia, and their natural diet is what grows in their natural environment. This will be grass, herbs, forbs and shrubs and does not include cereals, pulses and the by products of human food production! When you read the list of ingredients of many horse feeds, it is hard to imagine that some of the things on the list could ever be considered as suitable for horses at all!

Over the years the company has grown from a point where it was necessary to explain fully a concept that was alien to many people, to the present day when most of our new clients approach us from an informed position. Good results speak for themselves and referrals from customers, vets and therapists underpin the soundness of an holistic approach to feeding.

The quality and consistency of the products we source, supply and blend are very important to us. We have very strict criteria; economic, ecological and ethical factors are all considered but the special requirements of the horse are most important. We visit the majority of the farms growing feeds for us and develop an understanding with the farmers concerned, to ensure the very best standards are met. We never substitute ingredients in our blended products or use any fillers or bulking materials. We are prepared to change supplier should standards not continue to meet our criteria.


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