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Lisa Daw

Dodge (our Irish Draught, Thoroughbred cross) is approaching 13 and in great shape thanks to Simple System and regular hacking. We've only had him for 2 years and bought him for hacking and to love. However, he is looking so good that someone suggested we show him. I have never shown him or any horse for that matter in my life as you can tell by the look on my face when we won "best condition horse" at a local show in the Summer. He still looks fab in the winter as you can see in the 3rd picture (taken a few days ago) and I feed him the blue bag grass nuts, purabeet and instant linseed. He appears to thrive on it and I'll be continuing to feed him on the same, since he does so well. I like Simple System because is is so "simple" to feed and prepare, and is all natural too. I also like that it has water for use later, because of the soaking and it smells yummy too, I even like the taste the linseed! I'm spreading the word!