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Kim Stainsby

My daughter's dressage pony is going fabulously well on Simple System feeds. He is so calm and focused and is coping so well with all the outings to different places etc at the moment. I put it down to the fact that I can feed him as many times as I like or need to in a day without it affecting his temperament in a negative way. It keeps him happy to have a full tummy and allows me to put all the energy and condition back into him when he is working so hard. I can also feed him in between warming up and competing and before travelling home so no recurrences of nervous/hungry tummy colic. The best thing though is his concentration. These pictures were taken at a recent 'Strictly Come Dressage' competition at Oldencraig - a very very big occasion for both of them. The best thing about the food was that he stayed there overnight and I was able to feed him often, without any resultant over-exuberance. He is a naturally slim pony that it's difficult to keep weight on, but being a child's sports pony it's obviously crucial he doesn't get explosive.