I'm really impressed with Veteran Balance +, not only does the spearmint smell delicious, but Tally loves it!

I am cautious with what I feed my horses, especially the older ones, and as Tally is coming into her older years (don't tell her I said that!). I want to make sure I can keep her at her best. She loves a job, and she enjoys her work, so I need something for her that keeps her feeling well, helps her joints but also doesn't impact on her weight as she is a good doer.

Veteran Balance + has ticked all the boxes for me, and for Tally. Full of natural goodness which has been carefully put together. This shows through Tallys skin and coat.

When she is in work, I still take my time warming her up and building the intensity, as I would do with any horse, but I have noticed improvements with her flexibility while being ridden.

Tally is a mare who has a big character, very expressive, and sometimes forgets she is getting older, so I feel better knowing she's on a feed that supports her.


Breed: Irish Draught

Age: 18

Sex: Mare

Height (hh): 15.2

Weight (kg):


Condition: About Right (BCS 3)

Feeds used

A comprehensive forage balancer with natural joint care. Designed to support older or harder working horses, aiding comfort, flexibility and range of motion.