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Ritter Sport aka Remy

Mrs Cheryl Tuff

I've owned Remy for 11yrs years and have always fed him Simple System Horse Feeds. We've successfully worked our way up through the levels from Prelim to Medium and have just started competing at Advanced Medium.

He has always been barefoot & has received many compliments over the years for his good feet & shiny coat  - all thanks to Simple Systems feeds & balancers.

Remi is fed Organic Lucie Pellets (soaked), Build & Shine for his chop and TopGain .

Ritter Sport aka Remy

Breed: Hanovarian

Age: 17

Sex: Gelding

Height (hh): 16.2

Weight (kg): 624

Feeds used

A nutrient rich, premium lucerne chop with fresh cold pressed linseed oil.


Premium 6mm organic lucerne pellets, naturally high in calcium & protein to support muscles & bones.


A blend of highly nutritious, natural ingredients for a convenient, nutrient rich, top up feed.