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Miss Nicola Thomas

I bought Kaishan as a 4 year old and never found if difficult to keep weight on him. If anything it was something to watch - especially when he was diagnosed with PPID / Cushing's disease when he was 15.

After many years with no issues I started to notice a drop in weight around 2 years ago. After feeling overwhelmed by the choice of feeds available and worried that NSC content would trigger health issues, I consulted an independent Equine Nutritionist who recommended Simple System's HayCare as a supplementary feed. 

I have since been feeding one generous bucket a day in summer, and two in winter, and his body condition score has increased from 2 to a healthier 3.5.

The most pleasing part for me is how much he loves his soaked HayCare mash - especially when served warm. He has a very consistent approach to making a hole in the middle and then drinking any excess water before finishing his mash.

I’m always worried our local feed supplier will run out because I simply don’t know what would happen if I showed up to the yard without it. He is obsessed!

We love HayCare and others on the yard have since added it to their feed regime, after trying it for their horses. We are all amazed how popular it is despite there being much more calorific offerings from many other merchants.

I’ve included some photos of improvements to his body condition over the last 2 years since we started the new routine, along with a picture of him enjoying his evening mash today!


Breed: Arab

Age: 28

Sex: Gelding

Height (hh): 15.1

Weight (kg):


Condition: About Right (BCS 3)

Feeds used

Premium high fibre quick-soaking Timothy grass for horses and ponies unable to eat hay.