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Mr Quinn

Miss Clare Pascoe

I called Simple System Horse Feeds at the beginning of the season for some advice on a flagging pony. It didn’t seem to matter how fit Quinn was; he would lose his spice after one class or one phase.

They advised to Target Feed, so now he gets an energy boost right before each phase. What a difference it has made!

Quinn is fed Simple Balance +, Blue Bag Grass Pellets, Lucie Nuts and Perform & Shine.

I wouldn’t be shy about calling them again in the future for any further feeding advice!

Mr Quinn

Breed: Irish Cob

Age: 10

Sex: Gelding

Height (hh): 15

Weight (kg): 450

Feeds used

Premium 6mm high fibre grass pellets, providing all the benefits of summer grass, all year round.


Premium 12mm lucerne nuts, naturally high in calcium & protein to support muscles & bones.


Premium grass chop with cold pressed linseed oil.


A carefully formulated forage balancer containing high quality functional ingredients for promoting optimum health.