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Miss Sarah Brown

I have had my Connie mare Alice for 7 years. She has not been straight forward at all!

In the 2nd year of ownership I had issues with bucking, no right bend and bunny hopping in canter, she underwent a full body bone scan and uptake was found in her sacroiliac joints. She was medicated with steroids and later in her hocks and neck. There didn’t seem to be a great deal of improvement. She has always been very tight in her neck and behind her saddle. I’ve also struggled with her weight.

She’s been on MetaSlim for nearly two years now and the results have been fantastic. She has lost a lot of weight and I find it much easier to keep the weight off. She feels a lot more supple in her neck and across her back too. 

I wouldn’t change from MetaSlim now. It’s so easy to order and it arrives so quickly.


Breed: Connemara

Age: 14

Sex: Mare

Height (hh): 15

Weight (kg): 475

Feeds used

A balancing feed, specifically designed for those challenged by weight or metabolic issues including those affecting their feet.