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Miss Helen Yeo

We switched Zippy onto Simple System Horse Feeds as we were struggling with persistent fat pads, rocketing insulin levels and her being stiff and footy. We took advice from the Feed Line (who are always extremely helpful!) and switched her over to MetaSlim and Sainfoin Fibre Pellets.

It is so reassuring to know that she is able to enjoy a diet that is nutritionally supporting her, whilst keeping the sugar levels low and containing no nasty fillers or additives. She is feeling fantastic and is now in full work and thriving. I’ll be eternally grateful to Simple System Horse Feeds for giving me my horse back!


Breed: Hackney x Welsh

Age: 12

Sex: Mare

Height (hh): 15

Weight (kg):


Condition: About Right (BCS 3)

Feeds used

A balancing feed, specifically designed for those challenged by weight or metabolic issues including those affecting their feet.


A premium forage alternative to lucerne & grass. High in fibre, low in calories and rich in natural minerals & trace elements.