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Suzanne Bostock

Jemima is a 7 year old coloured L/W cob mare who I have owned for two years. Ever since I got her, Jemima consistently suffered from digestive problems/discomfort resulting in a very runny bum and general irritability, which became worse when she was in season. She was very spooky and lacked concentration and was unpredictable, which could result in difficult days at shows etc. Despite being on a simple diet, daily turnout and many pro/prebiotics later, there was little improvement. Some internet research brought me to Simple Systems. The advice I received helped me to see Jemima's problems could be dietery, with a particular sensitivity to soluble carbohydrates like starch. Jemima now has Lucienuts mixed with Purabeet and I add Lunar Eclipse to help with her mareishness. At night, she has a big tub of Luciestalks as a partial haylage replacer. I have been on this system for three months now and I have not looked back. I now have a happy, co-operative horse that looks and feels great, and with a clean bum and tail!! I cannot recommend this feed highly enough and thank Jane for her advice. Two other people on our yard have now switched over to Simple System with good results.
17th August 2009
Just thought I would add an update on Jemima now we are over 6 months into the new feed routine! Still no sign of the digestive problems she had before switching to Simple System. Her muscle tone and coat condition are fantastic and her energy levels are unchanged but now manageable! Lots of people comment on how well she looks.