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Lindsay Spalding

At the beginning of April 09 I had just returned from six months backpacking in Australia to find my little Cob broodmare Bonnie was in a very bad way. She had lost a lot of weight, was covered in lice, had large bald patches, was off her food and very dull and withdrawn. (second picture)
Jane took the time to advise me on what I should feed Bonnie and I made a start that day. Wow is all I can say! Within a few weeks I had my old horse back. She was brighter and her coat was looking better. She even managed a canter around the field. Her nine month old foal also picked up. The third picture was taken less than two weeks after the second!
One month later (first picture) she is looking totally gorgeous. The lice are gone for good (with some help from a medicated shampoo too) her bald patches are a thing of the past, she is happy and bright and has gained enough weight for me to cut her feed back to a maintenance level.
I really am so very grateful to Jane and all at Simple System Ltd for being so kind, knowledgeable and supportive.

Feeds used

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