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Chantelle de Lauzelle & Sandro Prince

Keith Bartlam

Having put my mare into foal 3 years ago to Sandro King, she subsequently produced a colt who is now almost 2 years old. Since the beginning of her pregnancy and the later weaning of her foal, both have been fed on SS feeds, are bare foot, and live out all year round with rugs as necessary, together with 2 other horses for further company. They are Warmboods, of Hanovarian/Selle Francais/Oldenburg breeding, and I concentrate on Dressage/Jumping/Hacking out over the South Downs with lots of road work. I receive nothing but compliments as to both their condition and the youngster's stunning good looks, confirmation, and balanced, even growth, which I put down to SS feeds. I have even been offered a substantial amount for the youngster as a Dressage/Jumping prospect.... but he is not for sale! I have also put a friend onto SS feeds for her Warmbood who has problem hooves, (cracking etc.) and SS feeds are beginning to show an improvement for her horse already. The pics speak volumes!