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Claire Kinsley

I was amazed to win the Supreme Championship at the Carousel Showing Show with Tosh as this was our first go at showing for a few years - and our first ever Supreme Championship. I had been concentrating on dressage, but I thought I would have another go at showing now he is going better, so I needed to feed him up to get him into show condition but because he has had laminitis in the past I couldn't risk conventional compound feed. After speaking to Jane again I realised that I had not been feeding him enough for the amount of work he was doing and to allow him to build up muscle and top line. Now I am using Lucie Nuts and Purabeet I can safely feed him a greater volume more easily and the linseed is really making his coat shine even thought he lives out all the time with no rugs! The Championship was sponsored by GJL Animal Feeds, stockists of Simple System feeds and my usual, helpful supplier so my prize of a GJL voucher will be well used! The photo was taken by my friend, Sue Perry.