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Chopin V

Christine Palmer

Chopin V is fed solely on Simple System products. Lucie Nuts, Red Grass Pellets & Linseed Meal. Since introducing Simple System's products I have noticed that he has much more stamina and he recovers well after more strenuous training sessions. The Red Grass Pellets are a brilliant substitute for oats and actually offer more energy. I am always receiving compliments on his condition.
Christine has trained the 10 yr old Rheinlander Chopin V through the levels since purchasing him as an unbacked 2 yr old in Germany. He is currently competing Medium/Advanced Medium and working towards PSG at home. He is very sensitive and can be difficult to keep 100% focused but always tries his best. He shows his consistency by the fact that he has qualified for the Regional Championships every year since he was 4 at two levels and this year he has gone one better and also qualified for the Hickstead Masters at two levels
My aim is to get him to Grand Prix and my trainer Roland Tong thinks he has the potential! I would definitely recommend Simple Systems products!