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Dominique Park

Just a brief update on the progress Rocho and I have made in recent months. We have had a very successful time, winning many advanced mediums and advanced classes. We are hoping to start Prix St George in autumn 2009. I had been training with Markus Gribbe for 6 months and tribute much of my recent success to his amazing training. However my most amazing piece of news is that I am lucky enough to have been accepted to be trained with Ulla Salzberger!!!!!!! Much excitement in the Park dressage yard!! This is took place on the 10/11 august so I was really excited to learn all I can from this amazing lady, and aspire to great things under her watchful eye! The photo's are from a couple of our recent outings. I am delighted to say that both the horses are still enjoying their Simple System feed and are very well. The colt Siro has an amazing sheen to his coat and oozes vitality. Many thanks for your continued support!