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Samantha Lamb

I would like to thank Simple System Ltd for your fantastic Red Bag Grass Pellets. I have had quite a journey with my TB ex race horse, and without this product I don't think he would be a fit and healthy horse! Three years ago Tiggs had surgery on his hock, the wound then flared up, and a month later two bits of nylon stitch came out! He then never really recovered in himself and was later on diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. Shortly after this he reacted with chronic urticaria. The fluid after the initial reaction pooled under his belly and this took 8 months to disperse. A change of feed (reducing the cereal) helped, but as I increased his feed he reacted again, and this took another 8 months for him to disperse all the fluid. After this second reaction a friend put me on to your grass nuts as he seemed to react to everything, including cereals, garlic and sugar beet. Tiggs is a poor doer and needs plenty of good feed to maintain a healthy weight, this made it difficult to feed him enough as his condition improved and he needed more feed. He has been on your Red pellets for over 2 years now and he has now got over his chronic fatigue (3 years later), it is possible that his feed allergies were worse due to being a terrible side effect from his chronic fatigue but without your grass nuts I don't think I would have ever been able to feed him enough to maintain this level of condition. The final pictures show just how bad he was and the first three, how he is now - a picture of health and vitality.
Sam & Tiggs