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Ann Bishop

I knew of Simple System having met Jane in the early stages of her setting up Simple System, so when I knew I wanted to do a 1500mile journey with my pony and carriage, who better to ring and get advice on the food to feed Pebbles. I needed a feed that was compact; I needed to carry on the carriage about 4 weeks worth of food. Jane recommended the pellets for endurance riding. No need to soak the pellets and Pebbles could eat on the go with plenty of energy to last the day. We averaged 50km per day. Where there was grass to forage she was on 4kg of Enduro a day fed in 1kg feeds during the day. The journey was from Wickham Bishops, Essex to Santiago de Compostella, Spain. Thanks to Jane and all the team at Simple System, Pebbles remained in good health for the whole journey. Not once did she object to the work, mountains, and desert conditions along the way. Simple System funded our journey in providing the feed. We did the pilgrimage to raise much needed funds for "In Olga's Memory" part of the Alzhiemers Society. Thank you again to Jane and Simple System.