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Manders Friesians Stud, Essex

Vicki Knapp

We have been breeding Friesians for years and have always fed Simple System Ltd Feeds. We find the Red Bag Grass Pellets are invaluable to our brood mares during the demanding periods of their pregnancy and lactation. The Lucie Nuts are fantastic for all year round and help keep condition and weight. The Lunar Eclipse for all the brood mares ensures they are getting everything they need.
Weaning is made more satisfactory with the addition of the Traditional Brewers Yeast to the foals, which we add to the Red Bag Grass Pellets, ensuring quality protein for correct growth. Our feeding regime, with careful management and researched breeding programme, has certainly paid off. This year all three of our colt foals achieved grading, with Epke Van Withers Farm achieving a 1st Premium and then going on to take the British Friesian Champion Foal of 2009.