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Joe (DCUK Frizzell's Banjo)

Julie Frizzell

Having always fed traditional mix and chaff, coming across – and being completely taken by – Simple Systems feeds, has been one of the key elements to successfully producing very happy athletes, no more so that for Joe, my KWPN 21 year old! Previously having show jumped, he came to me when he was 13 and we’ve gone through all the levels up to advanced before he retired at 18; he was occasionally hacked and did the odd unaffiliated outing. I came across Simple Systems when I was looking at a more holistic way of managing a new horse, DCUK Crazy Diamond; Stan’s had a chequered past and came to me to be sold for a client, big mistake was me falling in love with him! However, with Simple Systems help, he’s gone from been quite skittish to being established in dressage; gaining almost 90 BD points in the short time he’s been out competing. But, back to Joe, having a small yard at home, it made sense to have all the horses on the same feed type and Simple Systems were incredibly helpful in guiding me on who needed what. Joe went from having mix and chaff and a lot of supplements, veteran, digestive, glucosamine, immune system – you name it, we tried it to help keep his sparkle – to just plain old Lucie Nuts and the Total Eclipse feed balancer.... that was it. The change was almost immediate, within 2 weeks I could see a cheekiness in his eye, within 4 weeks he was jumping 4 foot fences to get to ‘resting’ paddocks with more grass! His movement seemed more free, his energy was up (definitely!) and I thought, well, why not, bring him back into work! I was so impressed with how he felt that I renewed his BD registration and he went to his first party in quite a few years; I was stunned that he won both his Elementary classes. He’s staying in work and looks fabulous; he’s even taking part as the schoolmaster in the DCUK/Just Dressage coaching programme for grass roots riders (Anita Drake from Yorkshire won 6 months training with Julie through the magazine). Without Joe I know I wouldn’t have started Dressage Coaching UK - I owe him a lot; having him back out of retirement and seeing him so well is, well, simply special! I am absolutely stunned by how Simple Systems feed has affected my horses; they ooze personality, are calm, enjoy life and look amazing. Their coats are perfect, feet the best they’ve been and, importantly, ‘feel’ better in themselves than I’ve ever known.