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Michele Welch

Dequinn (Section D) has not previously had a weight gain problem but when we moved onto the new yard his weight increased. I tried a grass muzzle but he has really sensitive skin and after just a few hours became very chapped and inflamed - so that was the end of that plan! I searched online for an answer as I really didn't wish to limited his time spent outdoors. I felt at a loss about what to do as I was worried sick about him getting Laminitis. I then found Simple System! I spoke to Sam who distributes locally and found her a wealth of very helpful advice. Dequinn's diet was changed and he began his new regime of Metaslim and Pura beet. He loved it but ate it far too quickly so after another call to Sam, we added Lucie Stalks to increase the eating time. The plan was, which may sound a little strange at first, but very much common sense, to fill him up prior to him going out. This way he'd eat less grass and spend more time moving and less time grazing. It worked! Dequinn has lost some weight, remains in a consistent happy go lucky mood and looks healthy. Just as an extra treat, having come in for the winter, he also has Lucie Brix - usually just one a day. These keep him entertained during the day. Other horses on the yard are now having them also. Dequinn and I, are very happy with the quality and cost effectiveness of all the products I use and even happier with the helpfulness that is given for free! I feel confident in knowing i am feeding an excellent quality feed that is honest! Thank you!