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Hailstone Supreme In Ovation (Reme)

Louise Bossence

Reme is an American Miniature Horse and my pride and joy. He has great conformation, fantastic movement but was timid, anxious and spooky. Especially fearful of objects or movement from behind. Not a great scenario for a horse that I had hoped to start in harness. He was already on a simple diet, plenty of turnout with company and was always handled in a gentle, fair and consistent way. I had his vision checked, a physio looked at his back but it felt like one step forward two steps back sometimes. By chance my husband got talking with Jim McCoosh, (supplier of Simple System for Northern Ireland), and Jim came out and saw Reme for himself. We put him onto Totally Miniature and Lucie Nuts. The speed of his transformation has taken me by surprise. He has still retained all of his energy and sparkle but is now level headed, no longer nervous, (even of his former nemesis - the fire breathing wheelbarrow!). He now greets me in his stable by taking a few steps forward instead of backing himself into the corner and even had a cheeky rummage in my pocket the other day. Simple System has certainly worked for us and now I'm looking forward to seeing him in harness in the new year. This is a picture of Reme in his 'Bollywood' halter. Is he handsome or what!