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Sam Robinson

My DWB x Arab mare, Kim came in from the field with a chipped splint bone on 29th August 06. It was right at the point where the suspensory ligament passes over the splint bone, so the chip was acting as a cheese grater on the ligament. Our only option was to limit her movement as much as possible so from then until the end of December she had to stay in her stable! No walks in hand, no in hand grazing, she only got out a couple of times for the vet to assess her. She had been on Simple System for about 2 years when this injury occurred and during her box rest she was fed her Simple System ration and hay. She is a stressy mare and loves her forage. I dread her being off work as her weight balloons if she doesn't work. But she stayed very calm throughout her box rest and I was able to manage her weight. I kept her amused by feeding her different things at different times. I've since had several more on the yard who have had to be box rested, although not for as long as Kim but they all do so well and stay calm and happy throughout.