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Alison Greenwood

Aggie suffered a sudden bout of laminitis in June 2006, at 17 years old. After a slow and painful recovery period and much expert remedial farriery, she was back in work and remained reasonably well until the autumn of 2008 when she went 'footie' and walking was clearly causing her some pain. The vet suggested investigating her for metabolic disease and she returned to needing to have the silicone implants at each shoeing to protect her sensitive feet. Unfortunately the blood tests showed that her insulin and glucose levels were high and she was put on a course of metformin (a drug used for human diabetics). My instructor suggested changing her diet to Simple System feeds. When I contacted Ruth she suggested Metaslim. Almost immediately there was a noticeable difference in her demeanour, her coat and the fat pockets that had stubbornly refused to move started to reduce. With increased exercise, Bowen Therapy and Simple System feeds she is now 20 years of age and looks better than she did pre-laminitis at the age of 17. She remains fit and well, can be ridden and turned out daily, and has a quality life. Apart from obvious precautions she has enjoyed this summer like a 'normal horse'. She is too young to be retired and so we are looking forward to many more summers.