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Princess Ayshe

Leanne Trees

My Arab X mare Princess Ayshe is looking fabulous and has been on Simple System for almost 6 months. We compete regularly in affiliated / non affiliated one day events. In 2006 she suffered a rotation of the pedal bone after a bout of laminitis. The vet recommended keeping her barefoot. After a couple of years with no shoes my bare foot trimmer Lesley recommended the SS feed range as my mare wasn't feeling as well as normal. She was lacking in energy & enthusiasm and her hooves weren't knitting together very well after the laminitis. With the help of Rachel & Hannah they recommended feeding her LucieNuts, PuraBeet, Total Eclipse, Cider Vinegar & Garlic with her current net of soaked hay. She instantly felt more alert and more forward going and the quality of her feet has improved considerably. She absolutely loves her feed and she looks so funny with her slimy green nose!! She is feeling so good about herself we regularly prance about at the bottom of our hills & I have to hang on tight when its time to go… I love it!! Thank you so much