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When we bought our house, a little over 2 1/2 years ago, we inherited a number of retired liveries from the previous owners. One in particular, Cherry, a piebald mare standing at about 13 hh and dentally challenged, we were told that if she made it through the winter, well we would be lucky. She was in a bit of a sorry state. Her stable was piled high with hay that she just couldn't eat and dinner time consisted of some vetran mix and chaff. Bless her, try as she might, sucking the food just wasn't giving her what she needed and I believe she was slowly starving to death. A friend of mine had recently introduced me to Simple System for my own horses and suggested I call them about my little Cherry. This I did. We discussed at great lengths her age - 37 - the fact that she was dentally challenged - 10 teeth in all - and how she just seemed lifeless. I was advised to put her on LucieNuts, PuraBeet and Total Eclipse ( I am sure that there was more, but it has been some time!) and give this to her as her feed and as a hay replacer. Well what can I say. Within 2 weeks Cherry was a completely different pony. We led her out to the field one morning and took off her head collar expecting the usual Cherry morning routine. Not this morning. Cherry had found her youth. Charging around the field at a rate of knots this little pony was unstoppable. She found her voice and her legs again and to be honest hasn't stopped since. Two and a half years later she is still number one in her field. No one goes to the gate unless Cherry allows. She often canters off in the morning and has a great roll about the field and the best thing, if her dinner isn't in her stable when she is brought in, you better have a good excuse mister! I truly believe that Simple Systems has given this little pony a new lease of life and I am sure that now - 39 - she will be around for another 39 years. All of the horses and ponies on my yard are fed Simple Systems. They all look amazing and they are a delight to watch when eating it. They just can't get it in their bellies quick enough. I am sure that if they could turn the fields into their beloved LucieNuts, they would! (We don't have any pics of Cherry at the moment as she is a little camera shy. So we have put a picture of our other 39 year old Duncan. We will continue to try and get a snap of her! She really is a little Diva!)