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Bubbles, Batman and Vesuvius

Sarah Bingham

James has two 148 ponies having sadly sold tiny Bubbles (Spider Pig) in the summer to a showjumping family in Norway after a very successful year. Batman is a 10year old gelding from Germany, very charming x event pony who could equally be a top dressage pony and this year he will focus on going to HOYS for newcomers. Vesuvius, or Fury as she is known at home, is a 6yr 148 mare from Holland. She is very talented and will she will be looking to go to HOYS for Newcomers and FOX in 2010. We feed all the ponies on Simple Systems and found it to be very effective, it keeps good condition with the right amount of energy as well as keeping their minds straight which is so important when you are competing. Belinda St Clare Inwood