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Joan Law

Just thought you might like to see a couple of pictures of my Crabbet Arab mare that I took this morning. Breeze has been on Simple Systems Lucie Nuts and Purabeet throughout the winter this year and looks great on it. She is calmer that she has ever been - although just before these photographs were taken she had been literally galloping around the field waiting for her field mate to arrive - and she has had no skin problems this spring. In previous years I have feed her barley to keep weight on her in the winter and her coat has fallen out leaving bald patches on her face and body. Non of that this year! Breeze was 27 years old in February, has had three lovely youngsters in her prime but I think that she looks the best she has in a few years - all thanks to Simple Systems. I work for Botley Mills in Southampton, Hampshire where we stock your feeds. Over the months I know of lots of owners whose horses have benefitted from changing over to Simple Systems. Thanks for some great products.