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Jack the lad

Tabitha Jones

A few months ago we went to buy a coloured cob as we'd always wanted one. When we got there the horses we were shown were all so incredibly thin and some on deaths door. We ended up buying one that was so close to collapsing. We contacted the RSPCA about the others but are still waiting on them to act. We called him Jack the Lad. When we got him back we had the vet come out and he was in such a bad state of neglect and never wormed that the vet gave him less then 50/50. We were told we would be in for a rough few weeks. Three days later even though Jack was on so many medications he collapsed and was dying in front of us. The vet came to put him down. Because he showed some interest in eating they suggested Simple System as had our farrier. We contacted them after rigging Jack up in a sling and having to do 24 hour care. He wouldn't eat horse food but once he was shown the grass pellets and the TopNosh with his meds he started to pick up. We were told over 6 weeks before he would find the strength to stand. With the food and advice you supplied he is standing unaided at just three weeks after he collapsed!!! Its going to take a while longer to get the weight back on but Simple System literally saved this 10month old colts life. Thank you so much.