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Alice and Jerry

Sarah Bingham

Jerry came to us on loan in February 2009 whilst his owner Amy, went travelling and then onto university. We were already feeding the Lucie Stalks to our other two ponies and dare I say a well known brand of feed balancer. We allowed Jerry to settle in and purely for ease, we changed his feed over to Lucie Stalks plus balancer. After a couple of months we finally decided to change over to the Total Eclipse replacing the feed balancer, mainly for cost reasons. Jerry and April look so well on Simple Systems feeds, especially after a very hard winter. Alice is currently eventing Jerry at Pony Club intermediate level and has affilliated to BE this year and currently competing at BE100 level. April is taking a bit of a back seat this year after her busy year doing mounted games last year with Alice. I've attached a photo of Alice on April and another one of Jerry at Ardingly.