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Sarah Bingham

Hi, I thought you might like to hear of the success I have had using your Simple Systems feeds. I moved to Sandra Williams yard (www.hearinghorses.com) earlier this year where all her horses are fed using Simple Systems.Before my horse a Maxi Show Cob called Oliver III usd to become very tense and strong at shows, often resulting in being dropped a few places in the final pull in. After starting him on Lucie Cobs, Purabeet and Rough Stuff with garlic and Total Eclips I soon started to notice a difference. Out on exercise he no longer bucked in canter, and adopted a far more laid back approach to... everything! The real test though was in the show ring and to mine and my rider (A.Andrews's) amazement he warmed up beautifully at the BSHS Grass Roots Show at Addington (only a year previous had we left the ring in disgrace due to his inability to settle down) and claimed 5th out of 13in the Amateur Maxi in a very strong class and 4th out of a large Cob Training Class! We were delighted! He didnt put a foot wrong and seemed to really enjoy the day! Simple Systems is so easy to prepare and feed, is full of natural goodness and the results speak for themselves. It has given us hope for the future!! Thank you! Charlotte & Oli x